Long Nguyen

Hello everyone, I’m Thang-Long. I formerly served as a researcher at the University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City. Now, I’m embarking on a new chapter in my academic journey as I pursue a PhD program at DCU’s School of Computing, with a focus on Information Retrieval. This transition marks an exciting step forward in my pursuit of knowledge and my aspirations in research.

I am interested in system design and the architectures of large-scale systems. Along with my major, I’m pursuing ml-infrastructure. Some of the personal projects I can mention include the SSDF project which includes many components suitable for approaching designs on robotics along with vision approaches for self-driving cars on simulators. Or the text - traffic event retrieval system, performing a query of events through natural language description. You can find my full projects list here.

Since 2018, I have been a core member of PiMA - Project in Mathematics of Applications. This organization helps to organize annual 10-day mathematics summer camps and workshops for high school students across the country. As part of my role, I help prepare teaching materials, give lectures, and provide assistance to students during the camp. I believe that such hands-on learning experiences are invaluable for young people as they help foster a love for learning maths.

Besides academic activities, I also love arts and sports. I am particularly interested in calligraphy and skating. Some of my photos can be found on Instagram. These interests may not be as mainstream as some others, but they bring me a great deal of joy nonetheless. And who knows? Maybe someday they will become popular again!

Find me on GitHub, Facebook, Linkedin.

Contact me at nhtlong@selab.

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